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My Printer is Not Printing Properly: How to Fix It?

If your printer is not working properly, then you should follow following steps to fix it.

Check the Paper

First, take care that your printer is in suitable working condition. Validate that your printer has paper properly loaded if it isn’t printing. In case you’ve loaded paper, you may want to correctly align the paper so that printer can make use it. See the interior of the printer to make sure there isn’t any paper jammed protecting the device from working. If there is, you may want to physically eliminate the jammed paper and remove things up.

Check the Ink or Toner

Of course, you’ll requiresufficient ink (if it’s an inkjet printer) prior to you can print. In case you are just printing using black-and-white, some inkjet printers may deny to print at all till you refill the color ink.

To see your printer’s ink levels on Windows, open up the Devices and Printers. You can do this by going to the Control Panel and choosing “View devices and printers” below Hardware and Sound. You may be capable to choose a printer by choosing it and see this information at the lowest point of the window, or right-click on the printer, choose “Properties”, and seek for the ink/ toner levels.

Various printers report that kind of information here, however not all do — it relies on your printers and their drivers. You may also be capable to see this information on your printer itself, if it has anintegral status display.

See the Print Queue Dialog

Issues with printing could also be triggered by problems with Windows. To approve nothing is going erroneous, open the print line dialog in the Windows. You can open a printer’s line by right-choosingyour printer in the Devices & Printers and choosing “See what’s printing”. If you get to see a bigfile that can’t print with a fault, right-choose the file here and eliminate it. If a printer job is stopped, you can restart it from here.

You should also choose the “Printer” menu over here and see that “Use printer offline” isn’t allowed. If this choice is checked, eliminate the checkmark to restrict it.


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